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Commercial Real Estate Loan Programs


BRIGHTON CAPITAL CORPORATION  specializes in serving the financial needs of real estate investors. We add value to your acquisition or refinance by offering a wide range of commercial real estate loan programs and direct access to top national and local lenders

Commercial Mortgage Program
The Commercial Mortgage Program is typically used for commercial mortgages in excess of $3 million that involve a higher degree of underwriting complexity or program

Small Balance Commercial
The Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Program is an outstanding option for commercial loans of up to $3 million. This is a very flexible commercial property loan program designed for borrowers with 600+ credit who are willing and able to document income and assets. 

SBA Loan Programs
SBA Loan Programs are the best option for virtually all owner occupied commercial property acquisitions and refinancing projects. These loans offer the highest loan-to-values and the lowest rates available on the market today. 

Hard Money Loans
Hard Money Loans (sometimes referred to as "Private Money Loans") provide creative and fast access to both private and aggressive institutional funds when conventional financing may be inappropriate or undesirable.

Asset Based Loans 
Asset Based Loans are secured by a company's accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and real estate. We work with asset based lenders to assist with transactions where our client's needs can not be met by commercial real estate financing alone. 

USDA Business and Industry Loans 
USDA Business and Industry Loans are for purchase, construction or debt refinance of real estate, machinery and equipment, and working capital for eligible properties meeting the USDA criteria for rural area location (owner and non owner occupied properties eligible) 

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